The Elements of User Experience
User-Centered Design for the Web


"An instant classic." -- Neil Lee, BeatnikPad

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-- Amazon Customer Reviews

"A single book that can enlighten 'suits' about user experience issues while at the same time teaching designers, information architects, and usability specialists about the necessity of understanding the business aspects involved... There is probably no better book on the market that so clearly and rationally covers the entire area of user experience." -- Jeff Lash, Boxes and Arrows

"Combine the quality of the writing with the author's conceptual clarity and the result is indeed brilliant." -- John Knight, Interfaces Magazine [PDF]

"Deserves a place on the book shelf of every user experience designer." -- David Crow

"After reading the first paragraph, I could not put the book down... This book is lean, easy to read, straight to the point and uses visual elements effectively to demonstrate its intentions. It's such a great book and highly recommended if you are planning to make your site a wonderful user experience." -- Donny Truong, VisualGUI

"Head and shoulders above the few other attempts that have been made to provide a complete and holistic view of the process of designing user experiences... One of the rare books that has the potential to not just improve the work processes of people in the web experience disciplines, but to possibly motivate them to pursue new ways of working." -- Anil Dash, Magazine

"A quantum leap in explaining user experience... An informative and useful tool. You'll be surprised how simple and yet powerful Garrett's map of the user experience world is." -- Usability News

"Some of the best analysis and synthesis of a complex subject I've ever seen in this field. If you are doing usability engineering on both web sites and web apps you need to buy this book." -- Susan Weinschenk, Weinschenk Consulting Group

"Garrett's excellent illustrations and exceptionally clear prose reveal a vision of what web design can be... Accessible to college student, copy editor, and web programmer alike; I recommend they all read it." -- Harvey Ramer, Design Notes

"This book is exactly what you need." -- Brian Livingston, InfoWorld

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"Regardless of how long you have been involved in building Web sites, you will learn something when you read The Elements of User Experience. Garrett sweeps away much of the ambiguity over what creates a user experience. This is the kind of thinking, and writing, we need most." -- Mary Deaton, ACM Interactions Magazine

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"A great overview of user-centered design... in a short, easy-to-read book. The diagrams were excellent." -- John S. Rhodes, WebWord

"Serious ammunition for explaining the importance of planning and 'big picture' thinking to clients... A pleasure to read. While the material can be digested quickly, it is sure to get you thinking... More than worth the price for the clarity it imparts." -- Chris Fischer, SitePoint

"Written in a clear and non-technical style... The lessons that it draws about customer interactions with technology are useful well beyond the sphere of website development." -- Simone Hindin, Connect

"There is something gratifying about picking up a book by an author whose concept is so elegantly displayed, with a message so clear, that you want to share it with everyone you know... Garrett has written a terrific primer on the topic." -- Elisa K. Miller, Digital Web Magazine

"Succinctly and professionally explains the entire user-experience field... Every page has some insight to offer." -- Timo Arnall, Elasticspace

"It's a book you can read in an afternoon, but at the same time it manages to cover a remarkable number of ideas... He makes it look so simple, you wonder how nobody had thought of this before." -- Louise Ferguson, City of Bits

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"A clear and refreshingly concise account of planning, organising, and thinking through the design of a successful Web site... It will appeal to site designers as well as to project managers and usability consultants." -- Roy Johnson, Mantex

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"Clearly illustrates and describes a complex process in a highly accessible manner... Garrett's voice of experience remains thoughtful and fresh." -- June Hill, Toronto Usability Professionals' Association

"Finally someone has put together a system of thought that allows us to leverage all those fragmented ideas that go into making functional Web sites... I can't help but think that such an accomplishment will play a role in making the Web a significantly more sane and useful place." -- Greg Sampson, The Pages Within

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"Knowing the steps and phases of approaching development will help you greatly. Jesse has it down for all to read and it is wonderfully written." -- Thomas Vander Wal, Off the Top

"Excellent book." -- Angie McKaig

"Garrett delivers a cohesive and overarching framework for understanding and dealing with the issues involved with user-centered design." -- VITech

"Very well written and executed." -- The Designer's Bookshelf

"What a great book... Really helpful stuff. Something anyone starting out should read. Wish I read it a few years ago." -- Boris Kletser

"It's short and delightful to read." -- Henrik Rydberg

"This book isn't a 'how to do' book, but a 'how to think about' book -- which I think makes it more valuable... [This book is] an idea book, providing a framework to think through the big picture issues involved in implementing a successful website... This book delivered." -- Jen Spadafora, Reading Notes

"Does a masterful job of collating and analysing all of the parameters that web designers and others must consider when building a site and designing a user interface." -- Website Architecture course materials, Universty of Greenwich

"Garrett uses simple, but powerful illustrations to show the relationship of the user experience elements and design... If you know a manager who needs a quick, clear, and non-condescending introduction to what you're talking about, this might just be the right book to buy." -- Alice Preston and Chauncey Wilson, STC Usability SIG Newsletter

"Without a doubt, any reader will come away with a different view of website development... a broader, holistic vision that emphasizes not only what is visible to the eye, but the conceptual foundations as well." -- Frederick Van Amstel, FlashMasters (Portuguese)

"Jesse James Garrett brings clarity to the process of providing a high-quality experience to the people who use a web site... Garrett's book should be carefully studied by anyone setting up a web site that is to have a goal in life." -- IT-Enquirer

"The language of the book is easy and smooth... Distinctive visuals, simple structure to follow... Useful." -- Andriy Panas

"Draws the big picture of web user experience design, systematically covering all established professions and recognized methods involved in the process from strategy to visual design." -- Henrik Olsen, GUUUI

"Covers the 'why' of what we develop for the Web as opposed to the 'how.'" -- WebReference

"Jesse James Garrett is part of the new designer breed calling for a transformation of the user experience of technology... There's a large amount of conceptualism and philosophy, but the practical, tactical details don't elude him either." -- Stephen M.H. Braitman, North Bay Multimedia Association

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