Experience design and information architecture resources

This page collects all my published work related to experience design and information architecture.

icon for the ElementsThe Elements of User Experience

This conceptual model of the considerations involved in designing successful user experiences for Web sites is the foundation for all my subsequent work in this field. It was published as a PDF diagram in 2000 and an acclaimed book in 2002.

icon for the PillarsThe Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams

This model documents the competencies a team must incorporate to successfully deliver Web products, based on my observation and experience. You can download it as a PDF diagram or read the companion article published in 2003.

icon for the Visual VocabularyA Visual Vocabulary for Information Architecture

This system for diagramming information architecture and interaction design solutions has been widely adopted since I first released it in 2000. Here you can find a detailed tutorial on how to use the system as well as downloadable shape libraries for numerous drawing applications.

icon for Adaptive PathAdaptive Path

This is the company I co-founded in 2001 to help advance the field of user experience. We provide consulting services; perform in-house training; host public workshops and events; and publish reports as well as free essays on user experience issues. The free email newsletter is the best way to keep up with everything we've got going on.


In addition to my writing, I do a lot of public speaking on experience design and product strategy.



Other Resources

The Information Architecture Institute is the world's leading professional organization for information architects. Their tools and library are especially valuable. And if you like what they have to offer, please join and help support them.

This page used to contain a lot of links to IA resources on other sites. It's now badly out-of-date (and will only get more so), but if you're looking for it, you can find it here.