Public speaking

photo of Jesse James Garrett I'm a seasoned public speaker with years of experience addressing design, technology, and business audiences all over the world. These days I mostly deliver keynote addresses, though I still do the occasional presentation or panel appearance.

I give talks on current trends in interactive product design and on best practices for innovation in product design and product strategy. You can find out more about me on my about page and more about my work on my experience design page.

Here's the complete video of my keynote address for Adaptive Path's MX conference in 2007.

Below is a list of my public appearances. In addition to the following, I've given talks at private events for companies such as Google, Los Alamos National Laboratory,, AARP, Lockheed Martin, and Wired Magazine. I've also spoken at numerous conferences and seminars put on by my company, Adaptive Path, in the United States and Europe.

Interested in having me speak at your event? Get in touch with me via email at jjg at this domain.

Keynote addresses


Panel discussions

The photo on this page is by Erin Malone, and was taken during an impromptu appearance at IA Summit 2007 in Las Vegas, Nev.