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July 1998 Archive


Due to technical restrictions involving the redesign, the old (prior to today) infosift content is no longer available. If there is something you saw here that you'd like to find again, drop me a line and I'll see if I can retrieve it from analog storage (i.e., my brain). [7.21.98]

With the anniversary of Microsoft's investment in Apple just a couple of weeks away, the New York Times notes that Microsoft's stake has nearly doubled in value. [7.21.98]

Is Suck turning into Mad Magazine? [7.21.98]

Another take on Y2K from AP (via CNN): What happens to 20th Century Fox in 529 days? [7.21.98]

Alan Shepard, the first American in space, died today. NASA has a rather blurry video capture of Shepard playing golf on the moon and a nice photo of Shepard with the flag on the moon. [7.22.98]

People don't remember days or dates or even stories. People remember moments. [7.22.98]

That wacky Vint Cerf is working on the real next-gen Internet: interplanetary. [7.22.98]

Jeremy Ecklund, 18, of Kalama, Wash.: "I'll probably never see something like that happening on a plane again." You know, he's probably right. [7.22.98]

Amiga lives. [7.23.98]

Updegrove finally relents as last summer's Yale Mac debacle reaches its denoument. [7.23.98]

The X-Files got 16 Emmy nominations, including three (count 'em, three!) for editing. Oh yeah, and Apple got one too, in the dubious new category for commercials. [7.23.98]

Web traffic reporting has evolved to the point that we can now identify seasonal trends. [7.24.98]

How is it possible that this site has been up for over a year and I didn't find it until today? (Probably because I haven't been hanging with Peter Merholz, from whence I got the link.) [7.24.98]

Justin Hall's bud.com is sort of a cross between a mailing list (without the list) and a bookmark file (without the file). And if you don't know Justin by now, catch up. [7.27.98]

The potentially precedent-setting Slave4OCR case hits our newspaper of record. [7.27.98]

Wired magazine's online archives go portal-style. [7.27.98]

The New York Times looks into Ingram Micro's "factory of the future." [7.28.98]

A few people noticed the new NetBizMag Business 2.0 bears more than a little resemblance to its main competitor, Wired. Then the lawyers got involved. [7.29.98]

What do you do when you find yourself being sued by both the federal government and 20 state attorneys general? If you're Bill Gates, the answer is obvious: sue them back. [7.29.98]

Gary Kildall will have his revenge on Redmond. [7.30.98]

Where do you think they should give out the Webbies? I'm partial to SF, if only to put those uppity Silicon Alleyites in their place. On the other hand, Radio City Music Hall can do wonders for the credibility of the awards (and therefore the medium). [7.30.98]

Adam Curry, the former VJ who had the foresight to register mtv.com before MTV did, is just one of several Dutch guys behind a new thinksite on the much ballyhooed concept of intellectual capital. (Back in the old days, we called it "know-how.") Those of you who never thought you'd see the words "Adam Curry" and "intellectual" in the same sentence should not judge a man by his silly haircut. [7.30.98]

"Maybe it's going to change the market value of music, and so what?" The Artist Formerly Known As Black Francis sides with MP3. [7.31.98]