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October 1998 Archive


In the wake of reports that Internet Explorer now leads in market share, is Netscape seeking detente in the browser wars? [10.1.98]

Jon Katz takes Salon to task over the latest wrinkle in the ever-evolving Hyde story controversy. [10.1.98]

For the truly obsessive: a complete list of television shows featuring Apple product placement. [10.2.98]

Did dinosaurs have beaks? [10.2.98]

3wk's been down a lot lately, but I've found a similarly eclectic substitute in rip-off radio. [10.2.98]

Welcome to the Web, Newsweek. And welcome back, Word and Charged. May the fish oil jokes finally subside! [10.5.98]

A pharmaceutical solution for clinical shyness? [10.5.98]

Lycos bought Wired. (!) [10.6.98]

Time's ranking of the Top 50 Digerati includes the usual industry bigwigs, the editor of the Onion and... Massive Attack? [10.6.98]

Taking its cue from Gateway's imminent relaunch of the Amiga, a German company prepares to unleash the next-generation Atari ST. [10.6.98]

There's nothing quite like waking up to the rich aroma of fresh-brewed Webzine coffee. [10.6.98]

Whatever happened to technorealism? [10.6.98]

It's hard not to feel pity for the neurologically typical. [10.7.98]

If you build it, they will bitch. (In RealVideo.) [10.7.98]

Today's Salon cover story examines how Myth conquered Myst. [10.8.98]

Once upon a time it was a big deal for a modem to be "Hayes-compatible". The AT command set is now an industry standard, but Hayes apparently hasn't been able to reap the benefits. [10.9.98]

I love movie credits, don't you? [10.9.98]

As any David Letterman fan knows, the word pants is funny in almost any context. [10.9.98]

Industry consolidation continues with the formation of what may become the Nielsen of the Net. [10.12.98]

Silicon Volcano? Maui is turning into the next hotbed of high-tech development. [10.12.98]

The totally new, totally purple Maxi delves into the nature of obsession. [10.13.98]

Is there such a thing as Web writing? If so, are its glory days still ahead -- or have they already come and gone? [10.13.98]

Nobody really knows how much time they have left, but with the help of the Web, you can hazard a guess. [10.14.98]

Does working for Microsoft kill your libido? [10.15.98]

Less than two weeks after the much-anticipated relaunch of Word and Charged, their newfound sugar daddy announces it's getting out of the Internet business. [10.15.98]

In the latest Stating the Obvious, Greg Knauss chastises the L.A. Times for trying to make their newspaper more like a Web site. [10.15.98]

The interface of the future: mind over mouse. [10.16.98]

"You can't play that song! I object to the lyrics!"
"But, um, it's an instrumental." [10.16.98]

I love this quote: "When you think of something to do on the Web, the expected outcome is that you will fail." [10.19.98]

When it comes to measuring Web traffic, "Consolidation is not consistency." [10.20.98]

New scientific studies indicate high levels of artistic ability may be linked to a rare form of dementia. [10.20.98]

There's a movie in here somewhere: the first computer programmers -- working on ENIAC during WWII -- were all women. [10.21.98]

Here's a good way to bring about change in the Ivy League: put your suggestions in a suicide note. [10.21.98]

Apple faces legal action over the discontinuation of the Newton. [10.22.98]

Nothing spoils a little girl's playtime like having her Barbie Jeep burst into flame. [10.22.98]

It was easy when the RIAA just had Diamond to pick on. But now that other heavyweights are getting into the MP3 biz, things are going to get complicated right quick. [10.22.98]

Steve Jobs as heartthrob? [10.22.98]

The next big thing: video games for people who don't like video games. [10.23.98]

You light up my mouse. [10.23.98]

The Washington Post goes behind the scenes at the Onion. [10.26.98]

Silicon Valley geeks get a lesson in people skills. [10.26.98]

Maybe I won't have to switch to IE after all. Netscape has announced that the high-speed NGLayout rendering engine will be included in Navigator 5. [10.27.98]

Paging Bob Saget: An 82-year-old Tennessee man found Hitler's home movies in his basement. [10.27.98]

Forget about Y2K. The real threat to civilization is W2K. [10.27.98]

Remember, sports fans, God always roots for the home team. [10.28.98]

Captain Kirk, you've been absolved. The OED now officially sanctions the use of split infinitives. [10.28.98]

Not only does it look sharp, but mylook.com also offers customized news pages with headlines from dozens of top content providers. [10.29.98]

File under "better late than never": my Burning Man pages are finally up. [10.30.98]

I think we need more CEOs with a passion for metaphysics. [10.30.98]