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November 1998 Archive


Why do I get the feeling San Jose's new Tech Museum will be an object of scorn and ridicule in generations to come? [11.2.98]

Eerie -- today's Stating the Obvious parallels some of the thoughts I was having yesterday on easing site navigation for newbies. I guess that's why they call it the obvious. [11.2.98]

Forget about the trial. The Halloween Document provides more insight into the Microsoft mindset than anybody on the stand so far. [11.2.98]

Meet Philadelphia's pirate radio poet. [11.3.98]

It's Election Day here in the U.S., and as usual, apathy reigns supreme. [11.3.98]

Here's your post-Election Day roundup.
Winners: Jesse "The Body" Ventura, medical marijuana, the first open lesbian in Congress.
Losers: Fred Tuttle, assisted suicide, Central America. [11.4.98]

Hey, all you homebrew Webmasters out there: you've just been assimilated. [11.4.98]

Name that space bear. [11.5.98]

Don't you hate it when you intend to hit "Save" and you hit "Delete" by mistake? Such errors may be a thing of the past with the advent of mind-reading chips. [11.5.98]

Slap some fur on one of Sony's Pet-type Robot prototypes, and you could have something that would give Furby a run for its money. [11.5.98]

Shades of Orwell? While you're watching WebTV -- even if you think it's turned off -- WebTV is watching you. [11.6.98]

Lycos faces legal action over its new TV ads. But can you really trademark a breed of dog? [11.6.98]

Call it Open Source Comedy: Two late-night talk shows opened last night with jokes cribbed from the Net. [11.6.98]

MBTI and the Enneagram are amusing diversions, but if you want real-world personality typing, turn to the CIA. [11.9.98]

All the usual suspects will be accounted for at Webzine98. [11.10.98]

Perhaps the only trend more tiresome than old-media hacks bungling their tech coverage is new-media hacks berating them for same. [11.10.98]

The Net consolidation craze rolls on as GeoCities buys WebRing. [11.11.98]

People may die, but now their Web sites won't have to go when they do. [11.11.98]

The San Francisco Bay may be beautiful to look at, but you probably shouldn't swim in it -- and whatever you do, don't eat the fish. [11.12.98]

From the holy wars of years past to "The Catherdral and the Bazaar" -- can't anybody write about operating systems without invoking religious analogies? This time out, it's Salon comparing Linus Torvalds to Martin Luther. [11.12.98]

Kiss the yellow sidebar goodbye: News.com finally catches up to the rest of CNET's sites with the launch of its redesign. [11.12.98]

The future is going to have to wait a little bit longer: Deep Space One's ion propulsion system conks out. [11.13.98]

If the rumors are true, Transmeta could put all the other chipmakers out of business. They've just been awarded a patent for hardware-level chip emulation. [11.13.98]

Call it Zap without a budget: the launch of glassdog.net gives indie Webzines a portal of their own. [11.16.98]

Is there any hope for advertising-based business models on the Web? The portals seem to be saying no. [11.16.98]

Apparently the richest man in the world is a laugh riot when he's squirming on the hot seat. [11.16.98]

With categories like "geeks", "freaks", and "jerks", internettrash.com is the portal for people who hate portals. [11.16.98]

Remember "My First Apple"? Now they're fighting over royalties for the electronic toy line that never was. [11.17.98]

The latest TidBITS offers a terrific beginner's guide to MP3. [11.17.98]

Say hello to chiaMac. [11.17.98]

Netscape has bought the open source directory project NewHoo. [11.17.98]

The new moral dilemma for Web users: Which Evil Empire would you rather support -- Microsoft or AOL? [11.23.98]

Carl says Furby can do a whole lot, but Furby Can't Dance. [11.23.98]

Rounding up the AOL/Netscape stories: Salon provides a good overview. Wired covers the deal's effect on the portal race. Meanwhile, News.com looks at how the balance of power in the browser wars may have shifted away from Microsoft. [11.24.98]

Jamie Zawinski offers an insider's view of how the merger will affect ongoing activities at mozilla.org. (The short answer: Not at all.) [11.24.98]

I've got merger on the brain today -- can you tell? Jon Katz (not the cartoon one) rants on and on and on some more at slashdot. [11.24.98]

Remember the brouhaha over Netscape's Smart Browsing feature unexpectedly bouncing users to Netscape's site? What do you suppose will happen with that technology in the hands of a company notorious for trying to shut down its critics? [11.24.98]

The redesign of Jakob Nielsen's useit.com puts more emphasis on outbound news links. [11.25.98]

I don't know why it took so long, but it looks like Jonathan Demme's "Storefront Hitchcock" is finally hitting theatres. [11.25.98]

Macintosh News Network's "Reality" rumor sheet sheds its terrible name and gains its own domain as it relaunches as AppleInsider. [11.25.98]

In what may be the worst movie review I've read all year, the SF Bay Guardian calls A Bug's Life "Steve Jobs's movie". [11.30.98]

Advertising Age looks at what may happen when content and commerce collide on the Web. [11.30.98]

Mmmm... bad candy. [11.30.98]

It's a Rotisserie League for arts-n-humanities geeks; catch all the surreal action in the Cosmic Baseball Association. [11.30.98]