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September 1999 Archive


"If your new Power Mac smells funny, do not be alarmed." [09.13.99]

New research suggests the nerdiest among us may actually suffer from a mild form of autism; while this explains why Valley boys can't get dates, their predilection for space opera and novelty music (or both) remains a mystery. [09.13.99]

American Airlines is canceling a big chunk of its flights on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, but the company says it's not because of Y2K -- it's just a mysterious downturn in reservations for those days. [09.15.99]

I know you think that double tall latte is just the boost you need to start your day -- but in fact it's all in your head. [09.15.99]

John Dvorak rails against newspapers on the Web, speculating that the anti-tech culture of print journalism is what's holding them back. (And you just knew Dvorak was a sports guy, didn't you?) [09.16.99]

A British pro-hunting group is attempting to prove scientifically that being hunted down isn't stressful for the deer. Maybe being followed through the woods wouldn't be all that stressful, but it seems to me being hit with a shotgun blast sure would be. [09.16.99]

You know you're having a bad day when your planet abruptly collapses into a black hole. [09.17.99]

A cabal of Web heavyweights -- including Microsoft, Lycos, Excite, and Ticketmaster/CitySearch -- is ganging up on eBay. [09.17.99]

Hasbro, the Microsoft of toys, seems to be unable to get a clue.com. [09.17.99]

Yogi, Boo Boo, and the other squeaky-clean denizens of Jellystone Park are about to get a sick-n-twisted makeover at the hands of John K. [09.20.99]

The G4's barely out the door, but they're already looking ahead to G5. [09.20.99]

Just when you thought he couldn't get any weirder: David Lynch's new movie is a family-friendly, G-rated Disney release. [09.20.99]

Scientists and educators alike worry that the current vogue for Internet businesses is luring students away from traditional scientific disciplines like chemistry and physics. [09.20.99]

As Wired reflects on his abbreviated career and Disney scrambles to get the word out that he wasn't one of them, Patrick Naughton merely wishes he'd heard of the Turing Game sooner. [09.20.99]

Hoping to turn all those rave reviews into some actual profits, Warner Bros. is giving the video release of The Iron Giant a much bigger marketing push than the theatrical release got. [09.20.99]

Thanks to the miracle of the Java Z-machine, you can now play the classic Infocom Hitchhiker's Guide adventure game in the safety of your Web browser. [09.20.99]

A number of companies are racing to get the entire map of the human genome on the Web. (And hey, is that a Zoob set those guys are playing with?) [09.21.99]

Can you imagine a prospect more unsettling than Sam Donaldson getting baked? (You'll have to scroll way down for this one; see the last panel here if you're having trouble visualizing it.) [09.21.99]

Sure, Priceline's name-your-price model makes sense for plane tickets and hotel rooms -- but groceries? [09.22.99]

After a preliminary injunction preventing a Japanese company from selling an iMac knock-off sent its stock price plummeting, the manufacturer announced it would restyle the machine to make it distinct from Apple's. [09.22.99]

Yeah, yeah, thousands of people are dead, but what about the price of RAM? [09.22.99]

My broker, my meteorologist: In case you still had any doubts that our entire economy is based on an elaborate form of gambling, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is now offering weather futures. [09.23.99]

Dissension brews in the SDMI ranks as hardware vendors dispute the value to consumers of the standard's anti-piracy measures. [09.23.99]

The first time I encountered this Flash banner I thought I was hallucinating. [09.23.99]

Curiously, the TV commercials for the new film American Beauty feature not this URL, but this one. [09.24.99]

Jumpsuit Fashion Report: Orange is out, stripes are in. [09.24.99]

The Washington Post looks at Pokemon as a case study in how to hatch a cultural phenomenon. [09.27.99]

ABC News drug culture redux: During his final appearance as host of 20/20, Hugh Downs speaks out in favor of decriminalization of marijuana. (Just over halfway down; he also calls chastity "overrated".) [09.27.99]

Salon's first television ad campaign uses digital trickery to get the likes of Bill Gates, Janet Reno, Howard Stern and the Pope in the same room together. [09.28.99]

What a relief! Scientists assure us that the recent spate of killer earthquakes is not a sign of the impending apocalypse after all. (Check out the infographic if you prefer hard data.) [09.28.99]

"No way, man! I'm not puttin' that thing in my mouth!" [09.28.99]

The latest platform for day trading: Sega Dreamcast. [09.29.99]

In today's MISCmedia, Clark Humphrey looks at two very different case studies in Internet word-of-mouth marketing: The Blair Witch Project and The Iron Giant. [09.29.99]

Word to the wise: When you switch to that new, easy-to-remember-and-type domain name, be sure to hang on to the old one. [09.30.99]

At the World's Only Corn Palace, the mural theme for the year 2000 will be www.millennium.corn. But despite its appearance, the Corn Palace is built out of reinforced concrete, not corn. [09.30.99]

Having been barred from sending e-mail to Intel employees about the company's ethical transgressions, Ken Hamidi gets his message out using pre-industrial technology. [09.30.99]

If only NASA had used its own metric conversion site, perhaps the lost Mars Orbiter could have been spared. [09.30.99]

Outraged over her racy pictorial in the latest issue of Maxim, the president of Archie Comics is demanding that Melissa Joan Hart be removed from her role as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. [09.30.99]