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August 1998 Archive


IBM's "silicon-on-insulator" manufacturing process extends PowerPC's lead over Intel technology and will allow Big Blue to bring to market 1-GHz G3 chips early next year. [8.3.98]

Thanks to Carl Steadman for posting my note on trade show tchotchkes on his site. [8.4.98]

Should newspapers be in the business of serializing fiction online? [8.4.98]

Big Media wins another one in Congress. [8.5.98]

Poniewozik deconstructs the history of TV Guide in Salon. [8.5.98]

Is PDF the medium of the future? (I looked at Push Magazine and, quite frankly, it made my head hurt.) [8.5.98]

Microsoft's penchant for revisionist history is in full effect. [8.6.98]

Try this excuse the next time you miss an important meeting: "My dog ate my PalmPilot." [8.6.98]

Got killer bees? Blame El Niño. [8.6.98]

Meet the Matt Drudge of porn. [8.7.98]

Fred Tuttle gets my vote. [8.7.98]

Giving new meaning to, um, higher education, three students get college credit for following Phish around the country -- and get the school to foot the bill. [8.7.98]

Boston's Barnicle brouhaha has the media industry examining a question long ignored: What are the editorial standards for columnists, anyway? [8.10.98]

Microsoft's blanket denials regarding Back Orifice remind me of the U.S. government's "we don't negotiate with terrorists" policy of the 1980s. While those in power seek to save face with the public, innocent people pay the price. [8.10.98]

New design (and new content to boot!) at Stating the Obvious. [8.10.98]

Some developers are proposing that Apple open the source for key components of Mac OS X. Could this save the lame-duck "Rhapsody for Intel" strategy? With Apple's new focus on Carbon over Yellow Box, does such a strategy even make sense? [8.11.98]

HotBot exact phrase search of the day: "throes of despair". [8.11.98]

And you thought only Superman had X-ray vision. [8.12.98]

Compaq finally did what DEC never could: they bought altavista.com. [8.12.98]

Good marginalia in case Douglas Coupland ever decides to write Microserfs 2.0. [8.13.98]

Can somebody tell me why Feed has vanished from my DNS today? [8.13.98]

Here's one (more) good reason to own a "minority-platform" computer: it makes it harder for The Powers That Be to trample your civil rights. [8.13.98]

Would you buy a computer with built-in Commodore 64 emulation? [8.14.98]

Tuvalu is the latest tiny nation to exploit the Tonga strategy -- how much will the networks pay for a .tv domain? [8.14.98]

If artists make the best lovers and techies make the worst, does that put Web designers smack-dab in the middle? [8.14.98]

If you missed the first iMac ad last night (what, you're not a regular viewer of "Wonderful World of Disney"?), here it is. [8.17.98]

Is the comics industry in decline? [8.17.98]

I just like the headline on this one. Can't get a date? Maybe it's your lack of substance. [8.17.98]

Wondering whatever happened to "collaborative publishing"? TechWeb charts the rise and fall of Internet buzzwords. [8.18.98]

Maybe they should have just called it IntergraphWeek like the ad department wanted: The Magazine Formerly Known As MacWEEK gets in trouble over its new name. [8.18.98]

There may be nothing in the world more potentially annoying than a postmodern, postapocalyptic video game. [8.18.98]

Here's one to ponder: If a very famous band can sue a not-so-famous band for using their name in an album title (as happened with U2 and Negativland), can the reverse also apply? [8.18.98]

Janelle Brown covers the class action suit over Ultima Online for Salon. Does this mean we can finally seek justice for Word 6? [8.19.98]

Dieting? Try a no-cal lunch at Cafe Make Believe. [8.20.98]

MSNBC has a first look at the impending showdown between the computer-animated bug movies. [8.20.98]

I have enough paranoia as it is without worrying about pets that read minds. [8.21.98]

Who needs technology anyway? Welcome to backward migration. [8.24.98]

Sorry about the slow updates to the 'sift of late. I can't imagine what might have been taking up my time and energy. Wait a minute -- what's this over here? [8.24.98]

Is Microsoft changing their tune on Back Orifice? [8.25.98]

Can you really patent a business model? [8.25.98]

The GD8 splash is gone. That's not a good sign. [8.25.98]

It's Zap-Excite all over again: Quark has made a bid to buy Adobe. [8.26.98]

Only the British would bring you a photo of a pig with its head on fire. Scroll down to the bottom (and if it's any comfort, the pig was already dead!). [8.26.98]

Mmmm... hobbits. [8.26.98]

The Salon 21st crew faces off over iMac. [8.27.98]

Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs? I'm not so sure. But Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates is a brilliant bit of casting. [8.27.98]

Katz bids farewell to HotWired, leaving Webmonkey to carry the legacy forward alone. [8.27.98]

This is one of those weird things they talk about in psychology classes: a scant few weeks after Alan Shepard died of natural causes, so did his wife. [8.27.98]

There are records worth breaking, and records better left alone. Two of the latter: the world's longest speech and the longest time buried alive. [8.28.98]

Somehow, I suspect that mergers between engineering firms and design houses won't go as smoothly as they hope. [8.31.98]

Who says dead people can't sell computers? Apple won that Emmy. [8.31.98]

Does the Internet drive people into loneliness and depression? Or do loneliness and depession drive people to the Internet? [8.31.98]

The Web enables new levels of youth empowerment -- i.e., pissing off The Powers That Be. [8.31.98]

Here come the copper chips! [8.31.98]